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A Dream You Dream Alone Is Only A Dream, A Dream You Dream Together Is A Reality.

Ayur Kerala, once a dream of four young and vibrant Ayurvedic physicians, now transformed into a reality after many thoughts and fruitful discussions. We aim at delivering authentic Ayurveda with its traditional essence.

In this modern era of fast life and sedentary lifestyles, the need of authentic Ayurveda gains importance. Ayur Kerala emphasizes on both preventive and curative aspects of the time- tested science of life, Ayurveda and is ideally situated in Kovalam, the most favored tourist destination of Kerala, tucked 10 km away from the capital city, eluding the frenzied pace of modern life. We provide a salubrious climate for the recuperation of the body and mind.Our service is highlighted with efficient doctors, a well-furnished pharmacy with genuine Ayurvedic medicines, aptly equipped and spacious Panchakarma therapy rooms, dedicated therapists and a very pristine atmosphere.

At Ayur Kerala health care, years of peerless knowledge has been encapsulated to create effective therapy packages with variable time frames to address a myriad of health problems. The therapeutic treatments are carried out strictly in conformity to the traditional practices of Ayurveda by highly qualified practitioners of the divine craft whose care is available round the clock.

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